Our Pricing & Rates

When it comes to booking a party bus for the first time, the question that pops into most people's heads immediately is, "How much will it cost?" Since rates change often, we don't quote exact prices here, though we'll be happy to provide one over the phone for you. Just give us a call at the number above. Our prices start at $175 per hour, depending on the day and the bus, and there is a 4 hour minimum.

Best Days to Book to Save Money...

Many people who call us want to know which are the best days to book if they want to save money. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are our least expensive days simply due to the lower demand. As you might expect, Saturday is the most expensive, with Friday being a bit less, and Sunday being the least expensive of the weekend days.

Book in Advance When Possible...

We recommend booking your event at least two weeks in advance when possible, particularly during our busier times of the year such as St Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve. This is also a good idea because we love to have you come out and take a look at the buses so you can choose the one you like best.

Since our buses are usually out on the road serving happy customers, we need advance notice from you in order to schedule those viewings. If it's a little late in the game already (say, your party is two days away or even less!) you can still go ahead and give us a call. Sometimes we have cancellations, or if you're looking at a weekday party, we are much more likely to have an opening.

Next Up: Events...

On the next page we'll talk about some of the most popular events that we serve, from bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, to weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more. If you already know the type of party that you'd like to book with us and would prefer to skip to another section of the site, please feel free to use the menu at the top of this page. Otherwise simply click the link below to continue.

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