Bel-Nor Party Bus: Bars & Dining


9906 Clayton Rd, Ladue, MO 63124

(314) 994-0055

Lester's is an awesome sports bar that serves up some really yummy barbecue items, and our St Louis Party Bus travelers in the Bel-Nor area really seem to love this place! That's why we feel so comfortable recommending it to you, because so many of them have recommended it to us! On Sundays, they've got endless salad, which is a great addition to any meal, and the sandwiches and fries have got to be our favorite thing to nosh on when we're sitting there with our buddies. We're talking about New York style deli sandwiches, with the meats piled high on delicious toasted rye bread! Oh, it is so good! The mini burgers are also really great. The white bean smoked turkey chili is especially delicious and the pulled pork sandwiches... oh, boy! We could just rave about it all day long. Open until 1:00 AM every night except Sundays when they close up at 10.

Demun Oyster Bar

740 Demun Ave, Clayton, MO 63105

(314) 725-0322

Demun Oyster Bar is one of the most laid back places to spend a weekend night in Bel-Nor with your St Louis Party Bus crew, and it also happens to be the spot to get the most amazing seafood around. The oysters and mussels are absolutely flavorful and delicious, and we love to pair those with a nice plate of pomme frites. Don't miss the shrimp either, and the oyster chowder is just amazing! The champagne minonette goes so perfectly with all of this that we cannot imagine not pairing it with that seafood! The prosecco is also amazing and they've got some really nice beers to choose from as well! The service is wonderful here and they're all too happy to take reservations. Not the biggest place, so it's better for your smaller party bus groups. We love the fact that they are open until 1:00 AM every night except Sundays when they close up at 12.

Modesto Tapas Bar & Restaurant

5257 Shaw Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110

(314) 772-8272

Modesto is a tapas bar and restaurant that St Louis Party Bus customers in the Bel-Nor area really request on a regular basis, and our St Louis Party Bus chauffeurs are always more than happy to take them there! This is a fantastic Spanish restaurant that's tucked away right in the middle of Little Italy, and it really is one of the greatest tapas restaurants that we have ever been to. Our favorite thing on the menu, by far, has got to be the bacon-wrapped dates that are stuffed with cabrales cheese. They are just too delicious to ever resist! And their fried garlic is superb. The paella is also just out of this world. We would strongly recommend pairing whatever you order with a nice glass or two of fresh and crisp sangria, just loaded with the flavors of all the fruits that have been soaked in it. Open only until 9:30 throughout the week and until 10:30 on weekends. Closed Sundays.

Milo's Tavern

5201 Wilson Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110

(314) 776-0468

At Milo's Tavern, what you'll find is a very casual and laid back place to chill with your St Louis Party Bus buddies in the Bel-Nor area. This is a combo of a bar, restaurant, and beer garden, and we just think that is the most perfect blend. The surroundings are just incredible, including wonderful Italian shops, bakeries, and salons. You really do feel like you're escaping your everyday world and snatching a mini vacation! The grilled chicken wings are so good and just dripping with delicious sauce! The fries are perfectly seasoned and cooked to just the right crisp! They've got thin crust pizzas that will totally blow your mind. Their outdoor beer garden is really wonderful too, and it's such a great spot to try different beers and perhaps play some Bocce ball with your buddies. Open until 1:00 AM every night of the week and weekend, but closed Sundays.